Wait, Am I An Anarchist?

Posted On Jul 25, 2022 By Addison Wiggin

We’ve had this experience more than once in our career. Pathos.

Here’s what happens. We agree with a premise in a debate. A critique of money printing. A disagreement with government policy. An opinion the SEC or FTC might be wrong about something.

There are a number of things we take umbrage with in these pages.

Premise established with a guest… seems like we’re getting along fine. Then, oy, the solution I’m being prescribed is more government.

That happened this week on the Wiggin Sessions with Peter Goodman. Let’s be very clear. I like Peter. I enjoyed our conversation. I liked reading his book. It’s worth your time to read, also.

Mr. Goodman is the global economics editor for the New York Times and has a book out now called Davos Man: How Billionaires Devoured the World .

As you know, we’ve been writing about the Davos Crowd for some time with gentlemen like Jim Rickards.

Peter Goodman agreed to talk to us, too. But like talking to or reading someone like Paul Krugman or Dean Baker, we agree on the critique. We don’t agree on the solution.

For reference, Davos is where the World Economic Forum is hosted by Klaus Schwab, who’s been tagged in social media with the highly unfortunate quote “you’ll own nothing by 2030 and you’ll be happy about it.” It’s fairly clear he has never said that phrase exactly, but still it captures the sentiment around him.

In his book, Peter Goodman includes a cast of world-devouring characters including Jami Dimon, Stephen Schwarzman, Larry Fink, Jeff Bezos and Marc Benioff. These billionaires have a lot of money, power, and influence, yada, yada, yada.

Nothing new here.

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