Invest Like An Alligator

Posted On Jul 19, 2022 By

An alligator floats at the surface and bides its time. Waits and waits,

Then lurches forward all at once.

You too should invest like an alligator.

From a reader, Bill:

If one invested in .com when it got started and dropped out at the top, one made a lot of money.

If one invested in mortgage-backed securities when they got started and dropped out at the top, one made a lot of money. That money could be reinvested in those legitimate companies that were building houses and REITs.

If one invests in ESG activities now and drop out at the top, one can expect to make a lot of money. That money can then be reinvested in those companies that address the legitimate issues that were initially raised.

Reader Bill has an idea. In a recession, stocks will go down. Uneccesarily. They still have their underlying or intrinsic value. Then you wait. Wait until the price is right. Pounce.

This is one way to boost your investments. Buy low. Sell high.

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