The Melting Glacier of Reason

Posted On Jul 15, 2022 By Addison Wiggin

I’m reading a book right now called The Psychology of Totalitarianism by Mattias Desmet. Desmet agreed to discuss his ideas on the Wiggin Sessions after my trip to Greenland in August.

In his book, Desmet makes the distinction of what he calls “the Great Science” versus “the small science” that emanated from the Enlightenment in the 16th century.

Great Science led us to understand the orbit of earth, microscopes to see a whole new world of organisms, and completed maps of the world. There was a sense of discovery and open-mindedness. And a humility to admit we don’t know everything or the future.

Many of the political ideas from this era of Great Science can be found in the United States Constitution, too.

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