We The “Traitors To Democracy”

Posted On Jun 30, 2022 By Addison Wiggin

This one’s a doozy. We’ll have to pull it apart piece by piece.

We received reader mail overnight that accused The Wiggin Sessions of being “traitors to democracy.” We’ll leave out the name of the reader who sent it. And spare you the expletives involved. Both out of respect.

Immediately I wanted to go on a tirade about how we don’t actually live in a democracy. According to how the Founding Fathers penned it, we live in a republic.

But then, this piece graced my feed. “Stop Saying ‘We’re a Republic, Not a Democracy’”, writes Ryan McMaken. The Mises Institute editor claims that such a tirade as mine would be a waste of time, and, frankly, a dead argument.

The piece is a bit academic. And cites a bit of the Federalist Papers. But if you’re into it, McMaken makes a good argument, and worth considering in today’s political environment.

Rather than run my mouth, I’ll defend my so-called “traitorous” action by proudly responding to our unnamed accuser with what we’ve actually been writing…

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