Live Free or Die

Posted On Jun 27, 2022 By Addison Wiggin

The general had used an English translation of a phrase common in the French Revolution “Vivre Libre ou Mourir” which translates exactly.

The phrase became the New Hampshire state motto. And in 1971 was added by legislation to all non commercial license plates. “The motto is one of the 101 reasons cited by the Free State Project for the choice of New Hampshire as their destination,” a citation in Wikipedia tells us.

We tell you all this for several reasons. New Hampshire is my home state. My dad served for a time as the Sergeant at Arms of the New Hampshire state Senate. And when I spoke to this week’s guest, Jeffrey Tucker, he was attending and speaking at what he calls the “Hippie Gun Convention” in Lancaster, New Hampshire which he described as a “gathering of 3,000 gun-toting hippies.”

Tucker said it’s the only conference he doesn’t miss each year.

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