The Grid’s “Not My Problem”, Uh, Until It Is

Posted On Jun 24, 2022 By Addison Wiggin

“One of the big issues is that utilities would rather think about warming your pizza oven most of the time,” explains my confidant this week, David Tice, discussing his new documentary, Grid Down, Power Up, “rather than worry about what the North Korean leader might do. They feel like that should be a problem addressed by Homeland Security or by the Defense Department.”

The power grid is crazy ripe for blackouts, cyber attacks, EMPs, even terrorist attacks. The current grid consists of “bailing wire, chewing gum, and rubber bands that have kind of kept it together,” scoffs David. Even some duct tape.

David hopes the film will spawn a movement to get individuals to take action. That’s the “Power Up” portion of his documentary title. Power to the people.

We’ve been aware of our crumbling power grid for many years. As we mentioned yesterday, Doug Hill and I interviewed Ted Kopple at his house about his dystopian book, Lights Out in 2016.

The central problem appears to be misaligned incentives at all levels.

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