Fear the Competing Agendas

Posted On Jun 23, 2022 By Addison Wiggin

“Pretty good, except for the part about J6,” our reader Eric responded to Carl, our reader from yesterday.

“If there were a political crisis similar to the Jan. 06 insurrection,” Carl commented, “which also caused an electrical grid failure and/or a national medical crisis or pandemic like the one we may yet be coping with, then we could easily be headed for a massive cumulative crisis on many fronts at once.

The J6 insurrection didn’t settle with Eric responding, “an insurrection? Really? How about a mostly staged and orchestrated event with (likely) hundreds of govt army’s and paid actors in attendance.”

Mind you, this is Eric’s comment. We don’t have a lot of proof of anything that happened on “J6”.

There has been a lot of vitriol over our discussion about Grid Down, Power Up, the documentary we’re discussing this week with David Tice.

“It’s too bad Carl had to use J6 as a reference point,” Eric wraps up, “because otherwise his thoughts mostly echo mine.”

Our aging power grid is a serious matter with or without J6. “If the grid goes down for an extended period,” Tice asserts, “tens of millions of citizens would die.”

“The reality is the electricity system is old,” Romany Webb, a researcher at Columbia University told CNN on Tuesday, “and a lot of the infrastructure was built before we started thinking about climate change. It’s not designed to withstand the impacts of climate change.”

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