“A Gigantic Epic, Historic Train Wreck…”

Posted On Jun 14, 2022 By Addison Wiggin

It’s perfectly obvious when you look around and see it,” James Howard Kunstler tells me. “And it is a gigantic epic, historic train wreck of economy, culture, politics, and expectations. And it’s kind of hard to take. I can take it because I’ve been thinking about it hard for about 30 years and I’ve been writing about it. And writing about it gives you the advantage of having to actually work these ideas out in some way that at least appears to be coherent. So I’m satisfied with my interpretation of what I’m seeing and the fact that an awful lot of people agree with me.”

Like I said Jim is straight forward about the direction of our economy and culture. He tells it the way he sees it. He is an author and social critic. Keep this in mind as you read his latest editorial that follows… — Enjoy, Addison.

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