I Cannot Specify This Enough

Posted On Jun 10, 2022 By Addison Wiggin

What if you could own a casino and go fishing every day?

For real…

My long-time friend Alex Green, Chief Investment Strategist of the Oxford Club shows how achievable this is.

That is, with the correct understanding of investing in the markets. Even during stormy market conditions.

“Isn’t the stock market just a big casino?” Alex explains what he hears frequently from new investors. “And I go, well, it can be, if you want to buy a stock at 10:00 AM and sell it at 10:30. You’re treating it like a casino, but you can be a casino owner and collect all those chips if you want to take a longer term approach. In fact, casino stocks have been one of the best performing sectors of the market over the decades.”

This casino approach isn’t an investment. It’s a speculation. A gamble. You can win big or lose big. According to Alex there is a time for this. But there is an important distinction which makes all the difference.

Alex explains how you can own the casino while fishing everyday.

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