Don’t Buy Into the Chaos

Posted On Jun 8, 2022 By Addison Wiggin

“I meditated in Kyoto, Japan, this morning,” reported Jud, my producer. Japan is reopening to tourists this Saturday. How did he get in earlier? His VR Oculus Quest.

Apparently the Guided Meditation app he purchased is realistic. Apple, being Apple, is releasing their VR competitor in 2023. Will it be another Palm Pilot vs iPhone moment? Who knows. Apple has had a good run. If you invested in Apple when one of my uncles did at $4, chances are you’re not too concerned about your pile anymore.

Unfortunately, the undisciplined mind is still busy noodling chaos and pessimism.

Focus instead on “abundance”. This week I Introduced you to my friend, Alex Green. He’s the Chief Investment Strategist at The Oxford Club. Alex is a rational optimist with 37 years of investment experience. I’ll hand it off to him to explain his own perspective… he makes 6 good points worth listening to.

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