Investment Trends To Watch: Planes, Trains and… Food

Posted On May 27, 2022 By Addison Wiggin

It’s Friday.
Perhaps, not ironically, we’re under another tornado warning here in Baltimore. You may recall, we conceived the Wiggin Sessions while on lockdown in the pandemic, during a tornado warning.
Alas, we trudge on. As is our custom we focus on investments exclusively on Friday’s. Today we fetter in three investment themes from our “Moneyball Economics” guest, Andrew Zatlin.
Let’s begin, at the beginning, with the “Moneyball” name itself. (For reference, we borrow a few sentences from Emily Clancy writing in the 5 Min. Forecast. She nailed a review of our latest offering with Mr. Zatlin!)
“The idea that I should trust my eyes more than the stats, I don’t buy that… I’ve seen magicians pull rabbits out of hats and I know that the rabbit’s not in there,” said baseball icon Billy Beane — of Moneyball fame — who was the Oakland Athletics’ general manager from 1997–2016.
Beane is best known for his statistics-based philosophy that brought the A’s all the way to the ALCS Championship Series in 2006.
In a completely different space, economist Andrew Zatlin earned his MBA from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and was a research fellow at Kyoto University Economic Research Institute. But more recently, Mr. Zatlin adopted Beane’s pragmatic approach — founding a business he calls “Moneyball Economics” — with a focus on consumer trends.

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