Wars, Wheat, Dust and “Unseemly Ignorance”

Posted On May 11, 2022 By Addison Wiggin

Phil’s grammar gets a little dicey from there, so I’m assuming we struck a nerve. The professor apparently had a grant form the National Science Foundation to study the “process” of preserving this type of acreage in over 330 countries.

The bottom line according to the good professor is that the 4 million acres we cited is “less than 2 percent of present cropland, barely one percent of arable land, and probably around half a percent of potential crop production.”

The facts are the facts, we suppose, and we stand corrected.

But here’s the money paragraph: “Implying that it is a major factor in food shortages is precisely the kind of unsupported wild generalization that makes your newsletter so rewarding to read – if one is looking for examples of unseemly ignorance among people who should know better.”

Professor Phil, ours is not a science letter. We write about economics, finance, history, philosophy… wine… that kind of thing. We rely on our science from people who’ve studied it.

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