Empathy Triggers, Disinformation ant Network Swarms

Posted On Apr 22, 2022 By Addison Wiggin

We’re on a slippery slope if we follow Mr. Obama’s suggestion to start regulating speech online.

It’s true, I care about as much about what Obama said last night as I do Florida Governor DeSantis’ opinion of Mickey Mouse’s sexual proclivities. But I am intrigued, especially having spent the week considering John Robb, from Global Guerillas, exposition of the “network swarm” following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“During the initial week of the Ukraine conflict,” Robb observes, “the assumptions were reset towards this moral conflict, this absolute tribal conflict, where there’s an existential evil that cannot be allowed to exist anymore and has to go away. That we have to save our tribesmen in Ukraine and they are absolute good and everything they’ve ever done is absolute good. Regardless of any knowledge of their history or any kind of accurate moral judgment of their actions.”

During that “outrage” Biden gave his now infamous outburst “For God’s sake, [Putin] cannot remain in power!” The White House “walked” the comment back, yada, yada.

“Biden tried to lead the swarm,” Robb says, referring to the president’s moral outrage. “But it’s a contingent leadership. A simulacrum of the old network model.

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