Virtue Signaling v. Billions in Cash

Posted On Apr 12, 2022 By Addison Wiggin

The mainstream narrative has been so dialed-in on the atrocities of the war… and the efforts of celebrities to raise money for Ukrainian refugee relief… the root cause of the war is only now gaining some ink. “Russia’s Gazprom continues gas exports to Europe via Ukraine,” says Reuters. “Ukraine’s pipelines are still carrying Russian gas to Europe,” says a more expansive piece in the Washington Post. “Ukraine Demands Everyone Else Boycott Russia While Making Billions From Russian Gas,” reads the Front Page Magazine. Seems like a revelation. Injustice. A travesty. Oh, how the Enlightened Elite Establishment (EEE) must be enraged. Or are they? It is rather entertaining, we have to admit, watching them funambulate their way around “moral outrage” and the reality of the global energy and food markets. “Despite mainstream financial media’s portrayal of the war as a geopolitical phenomenon,” comments James West, our Wiggin Sessions guest, “where Vladimir Putin is trying to reunite Russian Federation from before the wall came down, this is completely erroneous and false and fails to look at the real issue.” Mr. West continues, rather animated…

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