Inflation Psychology and The Real Motive for War In Ukraine

Posted On Apr 11, 2022 By Addison Wiggin

The last great inflationary cycle we experienced in the U.S. was back in the 1970s – more precisely it began during the Great Society spending spree of the Johnson administration in 1965. And didn’t end until the much ballyhooed Fed Chair Paul Volcker hiked interest rates up in the 20% range 16 years later. “The deeper inflationary psychology takes hold,” the Hustle surmises, “the harder it is to shake off and the longer the cycle continues.” Root causes of our current our current inflationary psychosis as we’ve been wont to express here in these missives: supply chain disruptions (courtesy pandemic lockdowns among other things); higher than expected demand (goosed by federal gimmie/stimmie checks and historically significant, and radically experimental, zero-to-negative interest rates); and for the trifecta an “unexpected” invasion of Ukraine by its larger Eastern cousin. Okay, let’s file away this inflation psychosis idea for later this week when we discuss the world’s first global “social media war” and “network swarm” with Global Guerilla, John Robb.

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