Slow Is Smooth, Smooth Is Fast

Posted On Mar 30, 2022 By Addison Wiggin

At the end of our training, they set up live fire exercises. We were given a scenario. Mine was a restaurant being molested by an active shooter. He was apparently entering the restaurant from the kitchen and causing a raucous. Before you get too intrigued by the whole affair, the scene was constructed out of plywood walls and life-size photographs of people enjoying their meal, a waiter with some food on a dish… and a bad guy pointing a weapon pointed right at me. I missed the bad guy. To the chagrin of the instructors, I burst into the “restaurant,” adrenaline infused, and… shot all three of the photographs depicting a father, mother and young child enjoying their dinner. To put it politely, they used my violent entrance, Glock a-blazing, as a teaching moment. “When you’re handling live weapons,” the gun instructor said over and over, “you don’t want things to go all cattywampus.” Meaning, you gotta keep your wits about you. You train. You plan. You don’t get all bumfuzzled. They’re motto is, and I’m sure you’ve heard this before, “slow is smooth, smooth is fast.” Their point is when things get crazy, don’t lose your sh&t. Keep a cool head and act accordingly.

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