The Long March of the Neocons

Posted On Mar 29, 2022 By Addison Wiggin

A few years back, my family and I toured a few Asian countries, including Vietnam. While visiting one of our writers living in Saigon, er, Ho Chi Minh City, we made a point of visiting its War Remnants Museum. Naturally, it focuses on the Vietnamese side of the conflict. In fact, an earlier version of the museum had been called the Exhibition House for U.S. and Puppet Crimes. It was the Museum of Chinese and American War Crimes until 1990. Inside, you’ll find a copy of the speech Ho Chi Minh gave in 1945, declaring independence from France. Perhaps not surprisingly, he cribbed some words from another such declaration written 169 years prior on another continent. Fast-forward to today’s conflict in Ukraine. There is propaganda on both sides. Leading up to the invasion, as we’ve documented several times in these missives, it was next to impossible to pierce the Western narrative of why Putin wanted Ukraine so badly. “We have neocons, just as Russia does, that would love to have war with the United States,” Martin Armstrong says, offering another provocative answer to the conundrum of war and the lies that go with it.

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