Corruption, Conspiracy and Regime Change

Posted On Mar 28, 2022 By Addison Wiggin

Last week, Biden’s ‘New World Order’ gaffe suggests Biden’s unilateral belief in the West’s superiority. Likewise does Kamala Harris’ speech in Poland prior to the invasion where she suggested Ukraine will soon join NATO. In 2013, Obama said we needed a regime change in Syria. Before him, Bush thought his “shock and awe” strategy would lead to a Western-style vassal state in Iraq. We know how all these conflicts have turned out… that is to say, not good. Hundreds of thousands of dead. Trillions of U.S. dollars spent. Zero political achievements gained. Lester Munson, writing in the New York Sun, attributes “the temptations of righteousness to President Wilson’s ‘crusading moralism’ of a century ago. Of course, Woodrow Wilson’s dream of a ‘global political order that ends the nightmare of warring nation-states’ was specifically rejected by the U.S. Senate in the form of the League of Nations.” Economist Martin Armstrong, my guest for the Wiggin Sessions today, presents a much more provocative explanation of Joe Biden’s off-script comment that Putin “cannot remain in power.”

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