No More for You: Diamonds or Caviar… or Gas

Posted On Mar 11, 2022 By Addison Wiggin

ladimir Putin was suggested for the Nobel Prize in Medicine by economist Martin Armstrong, because Putin eviscerated the pandemic narrative in 48 hours by launching missiles at women and children. Where’s that goofy guy with the too-tight-tie been lately — you know, the guy with the evil-scientist-sounding name? (Hint: his name is Dr. Fauci.) Ugh. We’re working on a book called Bumfuzzled: What to Do When the Economy, Politics, Markets and Society All Go Cattywampus at the Same Time. The basic premise is every 4th generation or so the world goes mad. In our time, technology is speeding up the madness. “WTF?” is what the kids would, and will, say on TikTok when they suddenly find out they themselves are adults and have to live with this mess…

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