Another “Nuclear Blast in Cyberspace”?

Posted On Mar 3, 2022 By Addison Wiggin

Russia is in the process of getting deplatformed. Microsoft, Meta, YouTube, TikTok, Apple and Google have all limited access to Russia Today, a state-sponsored TV news outlet accused of issuing Russian propaganda. Prior to the invasion, RT claims to have surpassed 10 billion views on YouTube. Now according to Protocol, the network is seeing a massive staff exodus, with a number of journalists quitting, including financial journalist and Bitcoin enthusiast Max Keiser. Ironically, a year ago the Russians were among the many voices lamenting the decision of U.S. internet platforms to block Donald Trump while he was still president of the United States. On Facebook, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova likened the Trump ban “to a nuclear blast in cyberspace.” “If anything,” says James Altucher, our Wiggin Sessions guest this week, ”what’s happening in the Ukraine and the effects on the stock market is almost serving as a rate hike, so this might even alleviate concerns the Fed is going to hike rates too quickly.”

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