Pariah Heap

Posted On Mar 1, 2022 By Addison Wiggin

This morning, the gold price shot above $1,940. It’s a good time to keep your eye on your Hard Asset Alliance account. Maybe add a farthing or two. We tried to speculate with James Altucher this week about what open warfare in Eastern Europe would mean. But that’s not so easy to do in the early days. A lot of Russian stocks are getting dumped. Maybe not because of fundamentals, but because Vladamir Putin — and by extension his country — is a “pariah” right now. “Ouch!” our erstwhile writing partner Bill Bonner started out this morning. “Our small holdings of Russian stocks are down almost 60% so far this year. But you’re probably wondering: what are we doing investing in Russian stocks in the first place? Ah, dear reader… let us explain.” Bill then goes to tell a story about “horsesh$t” predictions. It’s worth a read.

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