An Historic Convergence

Posted On Feb 7, 2022 By Addison Wiggin

The truckers in Ottawa mirror similar protests in capitals around the world. People in Paris… Brussels… Vienna… London… and more have come out to say they are tired of being told where they can go, what they must wear and what they must inject into their bodies. Why are citizens finally rising up to say enough is enough? It might just be the right time for a revolution. You may remember my conversation with Mark Moss back in November. He’s an entrepreneur who became fascinated with historical cycles. According to his research, political shifts… economic reversals… even technological breakthroughs follow set patterns. And right now, all three are due for radical changes… at the same time. His ideas are truly a fusion of everything I’ve been telling you about since the pandemic began. COVID-19… the Great Reset… the “meta-verse”… are all connected and leading to a massive paradigm shift. These warnings are too important to restrict to the relatively small Reserve audience. So starting this week, I’ll be offering The Wiggin Sessions to anyone who wants to vi

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