War By Other Means

Posted On Feb 1, 2022 By Addison Wiggin

Russia and China don’t need to resort to violence to get the United States to stand down. They can hit Americans where it will hurt the most — their wallets. In 2009, a high-level Pentagon war game showed that China could absolutely wreck the United States without bombs or even guns. As a Barron’s article about the exercise explained: “Whenever the U.S. did something Beijing didn’t like, China began dumping a fraction of its dollar-backed assets, driving down the currency, sowing economic chaos and prompting U.S. leaders to appease the Chinese.” The article is titled, “China Guts Dollar, Crushes U.S. in Alarming Financial War Game.” What it doesn’t mention is that our Jim Rickards helped design the scenario… and played the part of China. How did a kid from a fishing and farming town go from negotiating a world-spanning bankruptcy to designing economic war games for the Pentagon?

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