The Politicization of Science

Posted On Jan 20, 2022 By Addison Wiggin

States are devoting resources to deal with people who get the disease and need to be hospitalized. Duh. That’s what they should have been doing from the very beginning, my guest for this week’s Session, Dr. John Hunt, points out. “We’ve always had years — we’re maybe on seven year cycles, roughly — of horrible years,” John tells me. “The ICUs and the emergency rooms jammed, no beds on the wards, because of viral outbreaks, either flu or corona- or adenovirus, or whatever.” Dr. Hunt admits that compared to those previous cycles, COVID-19 is “quite a bit worse for elderly people.” So all the effort and energy should be concentrated on helping them.“If you’re going to isolate, it’s the elderly,” Dr. Hunt says. “If you vaccinate, it’s the elderly, because it’s not a perfectly safe vaccine.” Given the harm COVID could do to seniors, “the risk/benefit ratio is correct.”

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