The “Positive” Pandemic

Posted On Jan 19, 2022 By Addison Wiggin

As a licensed pulmonologist and immunologist, Dr. John Hunt doesn’t completely share my pessimism towards COVID testing. If you’re showing symptoms, a positive test can warn you that “you might be really uncomfortable for a week.” Then, once you get better, you’ll know “you’re going to be reasonably well protected from this virus going forward.” A negative test, on the other hand, tells you, “it’s probably some other virus,” — meaning COVID therapies won’t make you any better. “So there’s that value to it,” he says. The problem is that doctors aren’t just testing people who think they might be sick. People who’ve been exposed to the virus or don’t want to get vaccinated are getting their nostrils swabbed, too. And that’s making the pandemic seem much worse than it is.

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