Why A.I. Is a Step Backwards

Posted On Dec 1, 2021 By Addison Wiggin

“It is for these reasons that they guard the chastity of the priestess, and keep her life free from all association and contact with strangers, and take the omens before the oracle…”
Web Description: We agree that sites like Facebook, Amazon and Google — not to mention the moguls who run them — have too much influence over our lives. But the only thing a Congressional committee will do is appoint someone to decide what “truth” is… and declare which thinking is “right.” It will stifle freedom without addressing the actual problem. The real crime that Facebook, née Meta, and the other Big Tech sites commit is deciding who gets to see which information. Each service is like a derrick tapped into your likes and preferences. It sucks your data out and feeds it into an algorithm, which spits out content specifically tailored to appeal to you. The same parameters also forbid ideas like ours to be posted on their sites.

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