We’re Gonna Need New Money

Posted On Nov 23, 2021 By Addison Wiggin

Some internet denizen has put together a perfect illustration of the global economic response to Covid — using a scene from the 1987 action flick, Predator. The movie has Arnold Schwarzenegger leading a team of mercenaries through a jungle, where they encounter a killer alien who can become invisible. During their first encounter with the beast, the soldiers fire their heavy weapons indiscriminately for a full minute — laying waste to the foliage while the Predator successfully escapes. In the edited version, the translucent alien gets labelled Covid. The heroes are subtitled with the names of the world’s central banks, and their weapons are compared to things like printing presses, bond purchases and quantitative easing (QE). The damage they cause is identified as bond markets, value investors, stable prices and more. At the end, there’s nothing left but a smoking hole in the jungle, which gets labelled “the real economy.”

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