Invest Like “That” Grandparent

Posted On Nov 11, 2021 By Addison Wiggin

“I grew up in Southern California and I went to school in Santa Barbara, where there’s these $50 million homes,” Ian Silverberg tells us. They were generational properties, often purchased by a great-grandparent when the land was ridiculously cheap — assuming the land was purchased at all.“There’s always these stories,” Ian recalls. For instance, a great-grandfather who won it in a poker game. “Some guy owed him three grand and traded it for this property.” Ian realized he needed to be “that” grandparent. “Where can I put my money in something today that is nominal, so to speak, and let that be exponential for my grandkids.” Oh, right… did we mention that Mr. Silverberg started planning for his grandchildren’s future — before he even had kids?

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