Our Inbox Tests Positive for MSS

Posted On Nov 10, 2021 By Addison Wiggin

As expected, we received a bevy of responses to yesterday’s missive describing our firm’s response to the government’s vaccine requirement and our disagreement with the idea of a mandate. Roughly half of the letters chided us for requiring the vaccination while the other half berated our resistance to it. One reader asserts that “vax mandates are aimed at hurting Republican businesses and individuals. The more, the better.” He concludes, “Resisters will be heavily blamed for any collapse as Dem’s only hope for 2022 and 2024.” If you’re like me, you can only scratch your head. Are we only describing from which tribe we hail? For the record, again, I’m vaccinated. I just flew from Baltimore to Manchester, NH, to visit my mother. I wore a mask when it seemed appropriate. I took it off when not. I hate the mask. I hate the vaccine. I hate the mandates. That said, wtf?

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