Vaccinate Yourself Against MSS

Posted On Nov 9, 2021 By Addison Wiggin

The policy, or policies, that come from a highly centralized government, a centralized corporation, are completely out of our control… and fighting them would be costly. In time and energy, mind you. We all have the same 24-7 to deal with, daylight savings notwithstanding, so it’s wise to choose on which issue to shovel your might. We know some readers aren’t going to accept the idea. I expect a few angry letters to denouncing us for not taking a firm stand against the mandate. We’ll also hear from folks who are angry that we’re even questioning vaccinations — berating us for not “doing our part” to end the pandemic. For the record, we are all vaccinated — families included — and we oppose the mandate. Good enough? My guess is no. Hence our ruminations this week.

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