NFTs? Nah… PSAs, Take a Look

Posted On Aug 30, 2021 By Addison Wiggin

Today you’ll occasionally hear about some NFT fetching a ridiculous price… like the $180,000 basketball superstar Steph Curry paid for a rendition of a snooty-looking blue ape. Companies are still getting in the game, too… with clothing designer DKNY offering its new logo for sale as an NFT. And according to The Block, a website dedicated to digital assets, spending on NFTs topped $300 million last month… and is currently topping $2.3 billion this month. That’s a lot of cash for what are effectively ones and zeroes that can be replicated with the press of a button. Sure, an NFT’s blockchain means someone can “claim” ownership over the image… but so what? If you own a beach that must allow the public free and unfettered access, what does your ownership mean?

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