The One Thing Everyone Agrees On (But, Dare We Say, Shouldn’t)

Posted On Aug 18, 2021 By Addison Wiggin

“Americans seem to have lost the ability to reach a consensus on virtually anything,” Charles Hugh Smith tells me, “except printing money and giving it away.” As we discussed yesterday, the polarization in Washington has only prolonged the pandemic. But Charles believes the print-and-spend policies were an inevitability just waiting for a crisis. “The U.S. economy was weakening fundamentally, structurally,” he says. “The pandemic was not so much a bolt from the blue… it just pushed something that was already crumbling over an edge.” It started when the government and markets went from trying “to be solutions which improve the well-being and prosperity of the general populace” to something that mostly serves “the interests of the few, like an elite.”

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